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I'm auctioning off a year long ad with the starting bid at 1 point. The ad will be posted in this space and can be used to advertise a group, your commissions/adopts/page or someone else's commissions/adopts/page.

I'll also be auctioning off a shared ad space on the upper left corner of my page starting at 1 point. The auction is closed now.

The auctions will end on the 31st of January.

:iconrosejohansen: 70 points for shared space

:iconfascher: 10 points for journal space

:iconrozzidoodles: 100 points for the 2nd shared space

I accept DA points and PayPal!




SKETCH:                                                                    COLORED SKETCH:      
600 pts/$6.00 USD                                                     800 pts/$8.00 USD         
 FULLY RENDERED:                                                 "COLOR PALETTE"*:
 1600 pts/$16.00 USD                                             1200 pts/$12.00 USD


SKETCH:                                                     COLORED SKETCH:      
800 pts/$8.00 USD                                        1000 pts/$10.00 USD        

FULLY RENDERED:                                            "COLOR PALETTE"*:
 1800 pts/$18.00 USD                                           1600 pts/$16.00 USD


Full Body

SKETCH:                                                                         COLORED SKETCH:
1000 pts/$10.00 USD                                                       1400 pts/$14.00 USD

FULLY RENDERED:                                                                     "COLOR PALETTE"*: 
2200 pts/$22.00 USD                                                                2000 pts/$20.00 USD

200 points/$2.00 USD

3000 points/$30.00 USD

 Chibi (simple color)
300 points/$3.00 USD

  If you would like a sticker made, Please contact me!
Stickers: 100points/$1.00 USD + COST OF ACTUAL STICKER ON REDBUBBLE (EST. $2.50 USD) (need more info on this? note me!  )

  ADD ANOTHER CHARACTER FOR 300 POINTS/$3.00 USD (except for the sketch dump)

*COLOR PALETTE is basically a fully rendered painting that has only one color scheme. Pick a solid color and I will go from there adding the shading and lighting

 If you need any more information,  please feel free to note me or comment!  


Hello! We are community of professional artists and illustrators who are specializated in drawing portraits, characters and other types of commissions. We work very fast - you can be sured that you`ll get your personal commission artwork in less than several days or even in several hours. Now we have promotion discount - our artist Bella opens limited slots for her professional commissions with discount!





Just send us a note if you are interested.
Anyone that buys an abstract commission for 2 points during the month of October will get a chance to win one of three 50 point prizes.

Edit : I'm ending this early since only two people bought commissions.
For 1 point I'll design a cat, horse, unicorn, pegasi, snake, spider, deer, fox or plant adopt. At the end of August I'll award eight people who have bought an adopt 25 points.

Edit : I decided to end this early and hand out the awards.
A permanent commission ad for :icontheshrillcriesoflife:

Here are the guidelines y'all will need:

Bust/Half Body/Full Body Chibi
Line Art: 10 dollars/ 800 DA points.
Color: 15 dollars/ 1200 DA points.
Full Body
Line Art: 15 dollars
Color: 20 dollars
An additional full body character would cost you 5 more dollars.

If you want backgrounds it's gonna be an additional 5 dollars (400 DA points, if for some reason you want a background for the the bust works).

I would expect an intial payment of 5 dollars upfront before I go ahead with actually working on the commission.

Tools of The Trade:
Paint Tool Sai and Adobe Photoshop CC for additional editing.

Payments Methods:
- Paypal (Private message me for more detailed payment information)
- DeviantArt points (Only available for busts and chibis)

- Please check out my gallery to know exactly what sort of work you can possibly get from me.

- If you want a certain document size or image size, please let me know as well. I don't really have a default size lineup but they're there.

- If you want an original copy of the work in any sorts of format, feel free to let me know (e.g Sai or PSD file with all the layers)

- If needed, please send me a private message to get my e-mail address

- References might be needed depending on what you need ( like a pre-existing character or your own OC, obviously. )

- I will upload my commission pieces on my DeviantArt, art tumblr blog, and possibly my Twitter and private Facebook account. Please let me know if you are not comfortable with any of these.

I will draw :

-Ships of any sorts (hetero, gay, lesbian, you name it), but nothing super explicit (Boobs and the pee pee showing up, yeah okay but hardcore stuff with ahegao all over? No thanks.) Try to confirm with me anyway, but please remember that I have the right to decline any sorts of work I'm not comfortable with.
- Furries are okay, as long as they're not, uh, NSFW in the slightest.
- I'm not comfortable with drawing underaged gals and boys in suggestive attire or poses.
- Extreme kinks like vore and really kinky bondage is a no no.
- Gore is okay, but depending on what kind of gore you want, because I might not be okay with extreme gore.

Try to confirm with me anyway, but please remember that I have the right to decline any sorts of work I'm not comfortable with.
Anyone that buys an abstract commission from me in June for 1 point will get a chance to win 200 points.

Edit : The winner is :iconinvaderpoog:
I'll give anyone a permanent space on the top right corner(where this journal is now) to advertise their commissions in exchange for 0.5% of the points from each commission/adopt they sell. If/when I need to write a new journal, I'll keep refreshing this journal to keep it at the top of the page. Does anyone know how to feature journals btw?
Someone is complaining that it's illegal that I'm making points by making art with the help of bases. If more than 1000 people agree with this, I'll stop using bases altogether.

The person that made the complaint now made a new account to harass me. From now on every time I get a message like this, I'll not only block the person's new account but every person who's watching them and everyone they are watching. Basically anyone that might harass me on their behalf.

The winner will have 90% of the points donated to a group or artist of their choice as well have the choice of 100 fanart requests from me. The auction will end on May 31st.

:icontitanokt: is the winner.
I'm reopening commissions but only 1 slot each week starting on the 17th of June. I will make 1 fanart drawing and an oc drawing packaged together for 5 points. If you have any other questions please ask.

June 17th :

June 24th :

July 1st :

July 8 :

July 15 :

July 22 :

July 29 :

August 5th :

August 12th :

August 19th :

August 26th :

September 2nd :

September 9th :

September 16th :

September 23rd :

September 30th :

October 7th :

October 14th :

October 21st :

October 28th :

November 4th :

November 11th :

November 18th :

November 25th :

December 2nd :

December 9th :

December 16th :

December 23rd :

December 30th :
Someone has taken the ad space.
Anyone want any fanart or oc commissions for 1 point each? I'll give a free abstract work with the 1 point commission.
Anyone that buys an abstract commission from me for 1 point will get a chance to win 100 points.
Here is the information in her journal :

Hey guys! I recently got my tablet taken away so I need something do. so I'll be taking commissions and Requests.

Here's the terms:

Repost this/link this to your profile.
First 3 people get free requests.
Link to to character I'm drawing

If you don't follow these terms, I will not mark you down and you won't get your art. Sorry!

(Traditional only)
Anime/manga/sonic/Homestuck Half body: 5 points
Optical illusion: 7 points
Anime/manga/sonoic/Homestuck Full body: 10 points (additional character +5 back ground +2)

small blinking character Icon: 15 points
 Half body character: 20 points (plus animation: +10)

Thats it. the first 3 get any of these items for free
Anyone that buys an abstract commission for 1 point between today and April the 30th will get a free abstract commission.
Is there any non-fetish art or stock photos of building exteriors, interiors or forest scenes you want, please let me know. All of my commissions/stock photos are 1 point each, regardless of how characters are in the art piece or where the photo was taken.
If anyone buys an abstract commission from me for 1 point during the month of March, I'll enter them in a raffle to win 100 points.

Edit : :iconashfaii: won the raffle.
Anyone want any drawn Easter egg adopts made ahead of time for 1 point?